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Article: Join The YOKKAOFit Movement!

Join The YOKKAOFit Movement!

The YOKKAO Fight Team has come together to design a full-body fitness workout based on Muay Thai. All the Fight Team members are enthusiastic about the movement that is set to take the fitness world by storm. YOKKAOFit combines the basic idea behind HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts with elements of Muay Thai techniques to offer a complete exercise regime for anyone hoping to get fit. Each exercise module is broken down into different difficulty levels to cater to beginners, intermediate and professionals. The YOKKAOFit program is guaranteed to set the heart pumping, and body completely drenched in perspiration. YOKKAOFit is a great cardio and strengthening exercise ideal for both practitioners of Muay Thai who are away from the gym; and also non-practitioners who want to experience the sport at home or even in a fitness gym. With YOKKAOFit, now everyone can enjoy the physical benefits of Muay Thai. That’s not all. YOKKAOFit is not only an exercise program but a full-fledged lifestyle. The movement extends to diet, nutrition and everything else for a fit, healthy life.
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