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Article: Manachai and Yodchai Deliver Double KO Wins!

Manachai and Yodchai Deliver Double KO Wins!

YOKKAO headed east of Bangkok to Surin on November 17th for a night of local Muay Thai action. The event was a debut co-promotion with long-time collaborator, PK Saenchai, the top promoter at Lumpinee Stadium. YOKKAO was represented on the fight card by Fight Team stars, Manachai and Yodchai and the results were a night of high-octane action that delighted the local fans. Manachai took on the woodcutter persona and went into the match with relentless leg-chopping action. By the third round, Manachai’s hard-hitting strikes proved too much for his opponent, sending him crumbling onto the canvas with a final leg kick to take home a win via KO. Manachai’s team mate, Yodchai echoed with another win for YOKKAO in a fight that was no less exciting. Known for his strong punches and kicks, Yodchai went all-out on his opponent and the damage done was apparent. Yodchai walked away with a TKO win via referee stoppage. The co-promotion is another new direction taken by YOKKAO in putting the best shows for fans and partnerships with other top Thailand promoters are already in the works. Stay connected with YOKKAO via social network and check back regularly for all the latest updates on events and the coolest products.

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