Modern Warrior Conditioning with the YOKKAO Fight Team!

YOKKAO Team fighters take their fighting very serious, so of course their strength & conditioning is taken seriously too. Where many Muay Thai camps and fighters are still carrying on in older, outdated training traditions, the YOKKAO Fight Team is making sure they keep up with the modern science of strength & conditioning. As we can see in the pictures of todays conditioning session, having a solid yet dynamic training regimen is very important for all the fighters, and each exercise has a specific set of qualities they improve. Deadlifts as performed by Singdam, are one of the best exercises at developing total body strength, and posterior chain development. Saenchai is performing the ‘Turkish Getup’, an exercise that really targets the entire core, and helps to develop increased shoulder strength, along with shoulder range of motion and stability. Manachai is on the ‘Battle Ropes’, a series of exercises made popular in MMA S&C that are excellent for developing both grip strength as well as unparalleled upper body conditioning. There are many drills that can be done with the ropes, but as seen here, Manachai is performing the classic double helix variation. Finally Petphaitoon is performing ladder drills. Ladder drills are classic yet proven sets of exercises to improve a number of skills and strengths. Foot and ankle strength, agility, speed, lateral movement, coordination, and general body movements are just a few. Stay tuned as we bring you many more ‘behind the ring’ sneak peaks of their training, and recovery sessions. As always, make sure to tell us what your favorite exercises are for improving your Muay Thai strength, power or conditioning.

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