Singdam making his first appearance in Hong Kong at YOKKAO 25!

It is back-to-back action for Singdam in the coming weeks with a busy schedule. First, a fight in the Kunlun Tournament Final 16 on August 27th and followed closely by YOKKAO 25 this September 11th in Hong Kong. At YOKKAO 25 -26, fans will finally have the opportunity to see the best middle kick of Thailand live in action. Singdam’s soul-crushing kicks are the stuff of legend and have won him many titles throughout his fight career. Other than Singdam, key figures from YOKKAO Fight Team, Saenchai and Manachai are confirmed to be there alongside other fighters in a fight card that will be released soon. Singdam aka the Black Lion is on a wild hunt, coming off a streak of 9 wins that include 4 KOs. One of his last wins was in his Kunlun Fight debut against Chinese fighter, Gu Hui who has beat nothing less than Albert Kraus last year. The multiple-time Lumpinee champion and 2-time Sports Writer Fighter of Thailand Fighter of the Year is focus on his preparation at the YOKKAO Training Center. Assisting him is a dream Team composed by the legendary trainer Kru Manop and sparring partners like Saenchai, Pakorn, Phetngam and Manachai to name a few. In addition to that, his training program is supplemented by a strength and conditioning regime followed by fitness instructor Steve Pipe from The Lab Bkk. Singdam is determined to make his presence felt outside of Thailand...stay tuned for more news! Tickets for YOKKAO 25-26 to be held this September 11th in Hong Kong are available at