YOKKAO 22: Saenchai on Ognjen Topic's training!

Today, from the YOKKAO Seminar in Hungary, Saenchai commentated about Ognjen Topic's training. Saenchai noticed that Topic's style while training on pads is very similar to his style adding at the end "Maybe Fight not same". Will Saenchai meet for the first time an opponent who trains and fights like him? Saenchai vs Ognjen Topic wll happen Friday October 28th in Hong Kong at YOKKAO 22 in a 3 round x 3 minutes Full Muay Thai Rules. Tickets on sale at www.yokkao.com/events  Saenchai's video uploaded on YOKKAO IG, Twitter and Snapchat is really getting the attention of many Muay Thai fans, go chek it out!

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