YOKKAO Creates Unique Boxing Gloves for Dubfire

YOKKAO has always been a step ahead of its time when it comes to brand awareness and collaborating outside of the fight scene. To date, American rock band, DNCE, fashion model Mia Kang, American rapper Wiz Khalifa, are some of the famous celebrities who have been captured rocking YOKKAO gear. In the progressive brand’s latest collaboration, YOKKAO created the very limited edition Dubfire Boxing Gloves. For those of you not familiar with the dance music scene, Dubfire is the brainchild/stage name of renowned Iranian-American house and techno DJ, Ali Shirazinia. Ali has won many accolades in his prolific career as a musician including international DJ awards as well as the prestigious Grammy. When photos of the Dubfire gloves were being posted on Instagram, YOKKAO received non-stop enquiries pouring in for the gloves’ release date. Both Dubfire and YOKKAO fans are hoping to score a pair of the collaborative gear. ‘Limited edition’ takes on its real meaning with these YOKKAO gloves, as they will not be on sale. When it comes to style and trends, YOKKAO is unparalleled amongst Muay Thai and fight gear brands. YOKKAO’s product designs and innovative brand marketing have already caught the attention of the media from all over the world, with coverage by CNN, National Geographic and Wall Street Journal. Visit YOKKAO web store to shop and check out the hype.

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