YOKKAO Extends Online News and Events Coverage For Kids!

Muay Thai kids are no longer just a phenomenon found in Thailand. Over the past few years, more and more kids are taking up Muay Thai training all around the world. They are not just training as a recreational sport but are competing in world championships. Last year on 26th November, YOKKAO organized its first event for young athletes between 5 to 16 years old. The YOKKAO Next Generation Kids, held in partnership with promoter Peter Spensley and long-time YOKKAO collaborator, Brian Calder, delivered an immensely successful and unforgettable show that set the high bar for all future Muay Thai junior competitions. The inaugural show, held at the Barnsley Metrodome, also gave the world the first YOKKAO Junior World Champions, Joe Ryan and Ellie Barker. The second YOKKAO Next Generation Kids is set to take place on 10th February, at the Barnsley Metrodome once again. Applications began pouring in as soon as the first Kids show ended and now the card is stacked with back-to-back action. A third Kids event has also just been confirmed in Scotland for March with details to follow up shortly. This year, YOKKAO will also be looking to take the Next Generation Kids concept worldwide. To cater to the growing number of young fighters, parents and gyms, YOKKAO will extend the events section for its Next Generation Kids shows. Additionally, the News section will feature a kids category pertaining to kids events such as fight cards and results. With a full range of YOKKAO kids fight gear, a series of Next Generation Kids events down the pipeline, and more online coverage for Muay Thai kids, YOKKAO shows why it is the most trusted Muay Thai brand for all ages. The stage is set for the Muay Thai kids to show the world why they are the future stars of the sport. More info about the upcoming YOKKAO Next Generation events at www.yokkao.com/events/kids

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