The YOKKAO Squad ready to invade Hong Kong!

Flying in direct from Bangkok to Hong Kong are some of the best fighters YOKKAO has to offer its fans who will be attending and viewing YOKKAO 21-22, this Friday, October 28th at the BBQ Party in Tai Po. Names on the fight card include the Living legend Saenchai, the young phenom Manachai, IFMA gold medalist Fah, YOKKAO's first foreign fighter Erhan, all to be supported by no other than Kru Manop and Kru Petcham. The YOKKAO Dream team will face stiff competition from a experienced team of talented opponents from all over the world, made up of tested fighters like Australian Talent Kurtis Staiti, US resident Ognjen Topic, the French Star Azize Hlali and Hong Kong's very own hometown champion Wu Hoi Yan (Candy). In addition, two up and coming talents from the YOKKAO UK fighters, Jack Fallon and Spencer Brown vs will face off against YOKKAO Hong Kong fighters . Make sure to stay tuned to the YOKKAO Facebook page to view some of the select fights that will be streamed live. Mark your calendars for this Friday, October 28th, 2016 a night that promises to be overflowing with exciting Muay Thai action that Hong Kongese & Muay Thai fans from around the globe are not soon too forget.

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