YOKKAO Triples up in UK: London the coming Target!

Yokkao Facebook announces four upcoming YOKKAO events to be held in the UK: YOKKAO 14 & 15 on October 10th in Bolton, YOKKAO 16 & 17 in London on November 28th, 2015. In just one year of arriving in the UK, YOKKAO has completely overturned the World of Muay Thai driving global attention to the UK. Stefania Picelli, mastermind of the YOKKAO brand states:

 "... YOKKAO is like a Muay Thai earthquake, when we arrive in a country we grab the attention of all combat sports lovers. Of course we have a big team behind us and we corroborate with the best promoters and staff in each country. I am honored to cooperate with Brian Calder for all YOKKAO Events in the UK, we are devoted to promoting Muay Thai, we love this sport and as he says, the numbers do not lie. We started with one event, now we are promoting 6 events per year and are moving to London. We are a great team, we have awesome fans... oh no sorry #wehavenofans lol. Each and every fighter gives the audience a real show, when fighters step into the YOKKAO ring they give their all. They know that it's their chance to let the world know who they really are. We are working on amazing fight cards that will be announced soon…see you soon!" The year promises to be very interesting for fans of Muay Thai in the UK. In addition to the four scheduled events, YOKKAO will launch the first round of the YOKKAO Games together with YOKKAO Seminars feat. Saenchai and Pakorn...stay tuned for more news!

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