YOKKAO UK Open Receives Application From Over 300 Fighters in 2 Days!

The time has come for Muay Thai and kickboxing practitioners to prove themselves in the ring. In less than one month’s time, the first-ever YOKKAO UK Open will take center-stage for what is set to be one of the largest fight sport events in the world. Since the announcement of the YOKKAO UK Open was made, applications have poured in from all over the European continent. In just two days, almost 300 enthusiastic fighters from eleven countries have signed up to take part in the inaugural event! Applications are still coming in fervently and it is expected that the 400 competitor slots for the Open will be completely filled up in no time. The YOKKAO UK Open is the latest project from the dream team of Stefania Picelli, Brian Calder and Peter Spensley. The event will provide the stage for amateur fighters of all ages to test their skills and a chance for glory. YOKKAO has been an active force in driving wider recognition for Muay Thai with talent-search initiatives like YOKKAO Next Generation and YOKKAO Kids events. The YOKKAO UK Open will now offer even more opportunities for Muay Thai practitioners looking to compete. The tension and excitement have started mounting. The dates are set for 14th and 15th April when the YOKKAO UK Open will be held at the Barnsley Metrodome expecting participants from UK, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Norway. Registration is still open so head over to www.yokkao.com/open and register now!  

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