Soloman Wickstead's early impressions of training in Bangkok

A week ago fighters from Frank’s Gym in Manchester arrived to the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Directly from arriving at the airport, they dropped their bags off at a local hotel and made their way to the gym for a full power afternoon training session. Amongst this contingent of fighters from Manchester, Soloman Wickstead, a YOKKAO UK Ranked Fighter at -72.5kg who recently fought at YOKKAO 18 in England against Jake Purdy and prior to that last fall in Argentina at YOKKAO 16 against Nicolas Sanchez. Also with this group another YOKKAO UK Ranked Fighter at -70kg, Jack Fallon, who fought at YOKKAO 15 against Luke Imeson. Traveling with owner of Frank’s Gym in Manchester, Frank Hudders, the fight group is based walking distance down the street from the Training Center working out two times daily at the gym. Check out the video below to see what Soloman Wickstead thinks so far about training here in Thailand. Stay up to date and check out our regularly Live broadcasts on 

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