Breaking News: YOKKAO 16 in Argentina on November 13th!

News is Official: YOKKAO 16 will take place on Friday the 13th of November in Rosario, Argentina at Metropolitano Venue. Combined with the opening of the first YOKKAO Training Center in Argentina, YOKKAO will ignite Rosario with the upcoming YOKKAO 16, the first YOKKAO Event to take place in South America that will see the participation of the YOKKAO Fighters from the Official YOKKAO Fight Team alongside the best South American fighters.

Blogs and social medias in South America are already ablaze speculating which top fighters from Brazil and Argentina will participate. The development team of YOKKAO is also evaluating the possible participation of YOKKAO Fighters from the Official YOKKAO UK Ranking.

Further news on the YOKKAO Fighters set to participate at YOKKAO 16 will be released soon after the release of the Full Fight Cards for YOKKAO 14 and YOKKAO 15, taking place on Saturday the 10th of October at the Macron Stadium in Bolton (UK).

More news coming soon...Hasta la Vista!