A catch up with Reece McAllister!

A catch up with Reece McAllister
I recently got chance to have a catch up with Reece McAllister. From the time I got to talk with him, it very quickly became apparent the love he has for his family and Muay Thai. He is such a nice, genuine, guy. Reece has recently been announced as co-main event for YOKKAO 14 against Josh Turbill. He seems very confident and told me his is stepping his training up to another level for this one! So without further ado… I give you, Reece McAllister! Dom: First and foremost what got you in to Muay Thai? Reece: My dad got me into Muay Thai, as he was the UK number 1 for 10 years so I was pretty much born into the sport. Dom: How many fights have you had now? What’s your fight record? Reece: 61fights 54W 6L 1D Dom: What keeps you coming back? Reece: My daughter is what gives me the drive to fight and to dig deeper than ever as I'm fighting to give her and my family a better future Dom: How did it feel when your hand gets raised as the world champ? Reece: It felt amazing and a dream come true it's always been one of my goals I set from the beginning and I achieved it now I just want to keep going to the top and winning. Dom: Is there someone or something that motivates you? Reece: My daughter. She is everything to me and everything I do is for my little girl. Dom: What has been your biggest challenge up to now? How did you overcome it? Reece: I have had lots of different challenges throughout my career and the way I overcome them all is sit with my Dad/Trainer and come up with a game plan to overcome the challenges that are put in front of me. Dom: Are you usually on or around fight weight or do you have a big weight cut? Reece: I am usually always near my weight as I live a clean and healthy life style. Dom: To the people who want to be able to get into Muay Thai, do you have any tips or words of wisdom? Reece: Believe in yourself and anything is possible whether it be in Muay Thai or any other sport you have to have belief in yourself. Dom: What would you do if Muay Thai weren’t apart of your life? Reece: I haven't ever thought about not having Muay Thai in my life as it plays such a big part of it and couldn't imagine it not being there. Dom: You fought on YOKKAO before, how much has changed since then? What more do you think you are bringing to the table? Reece: I am more explosive as a fighter now and found a different strength inside of me, which is caused by the love I have for my daughter. It gives me extra drive for the win. Dom: You're 23 now and have achieved three world championships, what’s next for you? Reece: I just want to be known in the sport as a legend. So if someone mentions Muay Thai my name gets mentioned; same as Ramon Dekkers. Also to take as many titles as possible! Dom: Finally, what is your favorite quote from an inspiration of yours? Reece: I have a couple: “I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Keep proving people wrong and proving myself right.” – Conor McGregor. “You lose nothing when fighting for a cause… In my mind the losers are those who don’t have a cause they care about.” – Muhammad Ali. What do you think of that then? Such a humble guy with so much love for his family and Muay Thai. I love how his motivation is both his dad and his daughter. If you would like to watch Reece’s previous appearance on YOKKAO then it is here for your viewing pleasure… but if you would like to see the more explosive fighter...then get yourself down to Bolton Macron Stadium on 10th October: YOKKAO 14 - YOKKAO 15: Two events in One Night. This is not to be missed. Info & ticktes: 

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