Muay Thai fans coming all around the world for a Private Training with Saenchai!

At YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, not only do visitors get to train alongside members of the YOKKAO Fight team, private training sessions with the fighters are also available. Besides training with Muay Thai champions like Singdam Kiatmoo9, Pakorn, and Manachai, visitors can also get 1-to-1 training by one of the greatest legends of all time, Saenchai! [caption id="attachment_3589" align="alignright" width="350"] Muay Thai private training with Saenchai[/caption] For any Muay Thai fan, there is no better training experience than the chance to learn from the living legend. Saenchai’s fighting style is a class of its own. His footwork, agility, and the fanciest of moves is unsurpassed in the history of Muay Thai. He has beaten many taller, larger and heavier opponents, often with a weight handicap due to his superior skills. He also never fails to entertain the crowds with a display of slick moves such as his signature cartwheel kick and devastating sweeps. Saenchai has over 350 fights in his professional career with a multitude of championship titles to his name. At the age of 37, he continues to compete actively both around the world as well as in Thailand to the delights of Muay Thai fans. He also keeps to the training regime of YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok in order to stay fight-fit and active. With such accolades, it is no wonder that a private training session with Saenchai is a bucket list item for many Muay Thai fans around the world. More and more Muay Thai enthusiasts have come from all around the world for private training sessions with Saenchai at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. It is a gratifying experience to learn the arsenal of unique moves with a chance to spar with the legend himself. The price for a private training session with Saenchai is 8000THB per hour  (approx 240USD) + 4000 THB (approx 120USD) for any additional person with limited slots per day. Saenchai’s next fight will be this September 11th in Hong Kong, at YOKKAO 26 together with his team mates Manachai, Singdam and Erhan. Click here to book a training with Saenchai

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