YOKKAO Fighters Superlek, Rungarai and Petpanomrung outclass Rajadamnern!

Explosive night yesterday at Rajadamnern Stadium with 5 fighters from YOKKAO Training Center Buriram scoring 2 KOs and a victory by points in the main event. Wanchai Kiatmoo9 started the fight night against the promising of Petchyindee, Palanphong. In a very close fight Wanchai lost by points. The 4th fight saw the exceptionally talented fighter of the moment at 108lbs, Rungarai Kiatmoo9 escalating his ranking becoming the new Rajadamnern Champion at juts 16yrs old. A devastating KO by high kick in round 2 left the stadium breathless. Immediately following Runagarai it was time for Superlek to step into the ring. For those who saw Superlek's live training on facebook at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, we are sure that you didn't have any doubt that he would be victorious. It came in the 3rd round with a tremendous elbow knock out against Bangplenoi 96Peenung. The main event of the night saw an incredible war between Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9 and Phetmorakot Wor. Sungprapai. Petpanomrung began his attack in the 2nd round with a series of incredible shots and combo of punches and kicks winning the fight by points becoming the new WMC Lightweight Champion. Fans will see Petpanomrung's international career taking off soon with his first fight outside Thailand set for China. Video highlights of the night will be uploaded soon at www.youtube.com/yokkaoboxing   YOKKAO Fight Team RAJADAMNERN RESULTS from May 9th, 2016: Palangphon PetchyindeeAcademy won by points vs Wanchai Kiatmoo9 (YOKKAO Fight Team) both 111lbs Superlek Kiatmoo9 (YOKKAO Fight Team) (127lbs) won by KO Round 2 (elbow) vs Bangplenoi 96Peenung (129lbs) Rajadamnern Title Rungarai Kiatmoo9 (YOKKAO Fight Team) won by KO in Round 3 (high kick) vs Satanmuanglek Noomponthep at 108lbs WMC Title Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9 (YOKKAO Fight Team) won by points vs Phetmorakot Wor.Sungprapai at 135lbs in the Main Event

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