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Article: National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal visit the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok!

National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal visit the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok!

There are always special guests being hosted at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, but when the National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal wanted to come along to the world-class facility located in the heart of Bangkok, the sounds of hitting pads and heavy bags rang through. They were filming for a show that is being put together and the YOKKAO Training Center has been nominated as the focal point of their segment that is dedicated to Muay Thai. What better facility to be nominated than where the best fighters in the world train and teach? [caption id="attachment_3346" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Muay Thai Fighters YOKKAO Muay Thai Fighters[/caption] You can find the living legend Saenchai, the 'phenom' Manachai, Singdam Kiatmoo9, Yodchai, Wuttichai, the man himself, Kru Manop  and the ever growing YOKKAO Fight Team. Alongside these world renown fighters and coaches, are fighters at the top of their games looking to improve their skillset and grow as a fighter and person. They are all here grinding the hours out to become the best version of themselves that they can. All the benefits that come along with training with the best of the best can be taken advantage by anyone who comes to the Camp, but capturing these pivotal moments were the crew filming for the National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal. This just shows the amount of exposure and publicity YOKKAO is proactively working towards getting and pushing Muay Thai in to the main stream. Therefore, it has quickly become a ‘go to’ place for Muay Thai enthusiasts and professional fighters alike to come along and enjoy the best Muay Thai experience that Thailand has to offer. There is no doubt that YOKKAO is on the front foot when it comes to driving interest and enthusiasm from the media and fight fans. Bringing the best of the best together to showcase what it really takes to be the best and giving everyone the opportunity to train with the best names in the world. There are a huge range of packages available if you would like to come along to camp with every feature you would hope for including local interests and must-see sights. Being humbled to be home to the National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal for the two days while they covered their filming and production, YOKKAO took the crew on a voyage into the world of Muay Thai in Thailand and hope that one day people reading this would be excited to come along too! Visit the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok at

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