The All New YOKKAO Air Carbon Fight Shorts!

With the new YOKKAO Air Carbon Neon muay thai shorts, you will shine just as brightly outside the ringas inside of it! [caption id="attachment_2628" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Air Carbon Shorts YOKKAO Air Carbon Shorts[/caption] Created with the latest in modern fight apparel technology, the Air Carbon Neon shorts feature much more than just a rockin’ look. With a number of performance innovations you will feel better than ever from the very first time you put them on. Not only cool, soft, and comfortable, the innovative water resistant material quickly absorb and release sweat nearly as fast as your kicks, allowing the fabric to act as a second skin, ensuring maximum breathability, and a bone dry training session. Nothing is worse than damp, sticky shorts that slow you down, whether hitting the bags or fighting in the ring. That’s exactly what the YOKKAO Air Carbon Neon shorts have been made to end. Neon colors are available in: sky blue, orange, green and pink. To see the YOKKAO Air Carbon Neon Green muay thai shorts in action, check out Singdam reppin’ the first pair straight out of the factory in the ring at the new YOKKAO Bangkok Muay Thai Training Center on the YOKKAO Instagram.

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