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Article: Yodchai Awarded Fight of the Month at Lumpinee Stadium

Yodchai Awarded Fight of the Month at Lumpinee Stadium

Located in northern Bangkok, Lumpinee Stadium is widely recognized as the most important arena of Muay Thai. It has hosted thousands upon thousands of fights since opening in 1956. Many of the world’s most renowned Muay Thai athletes made their name fighting in the Lumpinee ring including Samart, Dieselnoi, Singdam, and of course living legend, Saenchai.

Yodchai joined the YOKKAO Fight Team in 2016 and has proven himself to be one of the camp’s most promising fighters. In his most recent fight on 16 April at the prestigious stadium, Yodchai battled Jomhod Chor Ketweena in the Petchsupaphan promotion main event. The two Thai fighters entangled in a pulsating clash that resulted in a draw to approving spectators. For the exciting performance, the two athletes have been awarded April’s “Fight of the Month” by the stadium committee.

Yodchai has been diligently working his way up the elite stadium as well as international scene, making a name for himself in the sport. The technical fighter has shown that he can been turn up the heat, finishing fights with hard kicks and devastating elbows when the occasions arise.

After a “fight of the month” performance, the promoters are bringing Yodchai back to Lumpinee stadium for another headlining showcase on 28 May. Follow Yodchai via social media as he climbs up the rankings in the most competitive Muay Thai league in the world.

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Fight of the month in Lumpinee ✌️

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