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Article: YOKKAO Receives Two Accolades From Muay Thai World Boxing Council

YOKKAO Receives Two Accolades From Muay Thai World Boxing Council


World Boxing Council Muay Thai hosted its annual award ceremony in recognition of the best in the sport today in Bangkok.

At the ceremony, YOKKAO received 2 out of the 4 prestigious awards that were given out. YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli was present to receive the award from WBC for the best Muay Thai international promotion of the year (2018).

In the last seven years since hosting the first event, we have promoted 70 official events with over 70 seminars held around the world. YOKKAO has proven itself to be a stable and reliable organization in international Muay Thai events promotion, as evident in the award from WBC. This year, we will host our official flagship event for the first time in Australia and Ireland with more locations to be announced.

Living legend and YOKKAO athlete, Saenchai also received the WBC Muay Thai Global Ambassador award in the same ceremony, in recognition of his tireless promotion of the sport, throughout the world. He conducted over 60 YOKKAO seminars to promote the sport on top of his competing schedule and private training sessions. He is truly one of the finest athletes to ever grace the sport of Muay Thai.  

Look out for more exciting events in the coming months including YOKKAO 39-40 in Sydney on 25 May and YOKKAO 41-42 in Dublin on 27 July.

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