YOKKAO Releases New Hip Bag for Summer

The newly-launched YOKKAO Hip Bag is the latest Muay Thai accessory in our collection. Made using matte textured canvas and sporting YOKKAO colors, the bag features a 3D embossed rubber patch, same as the ones used on our gloves. The accessory unifies function and style, making it an unique, trendy accessory that is practical for daily use by fighters and fight fans.

Since its launch earlier in the week, the hip bag has achieved tremendous success in global sales in just a few days. The accessory looks to be a hit this summer.

Our products are currently available in 23 countries, operating out of two main warehouses in Asia and Europe. Prompted by the increasing demand for our products, the third warehouse was set up in USA earlier this February and will be operative in August to better serve our growing North American customer base.

YOKKAO Hip Bag is now available on our online store and authorized dealers around the world.

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