YOKKAO and Saenchai Featured in Shane Fazen’s Latest VLOG!

There is always something exciting going on at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Earlier last month in February, the production crew from award-winning digital media company, Uproxx dropped by the gym for a new Snapchat series called “BRAWLER”. Famous YouTube personality, Shane Fazen was along for the filming as the host of the show. For those not familiar with Shane Fazen, he is the founder and host of the martial arts-themed YouTube channel called “fightTIPS”. The channel was launched as early as  2007 on which he shares self-defense techniques, fighting tips and fitness tutorials. The popular video channel boasts over 1.5 million subscribers who tune in faithfully for some of the best martial arts content on the web. Shane has captured some highlights from the trip in Thailand and he has shared them via his latest VLOG. The video features a few clips of his time on the pads with Singdam and a few rounds sparring with Saenchai at the YOKKAO facility, which gives a preview of the upcoming BRAWLER episode that spotlights on the sport of Muay Thai. Located conveniently in downtown Bangkok, YOKKAO Training Center is home to renowned Muay Thai legends, and young rising fighters. The world-class facility offers authentic Muay Thai training under the guidance of the YOKKAO Fight Team’s very own champion trainers. Since opening in 2016, the gym has become a popular training spot with visitors dropping in everyday from all over the world. Like Shane Fazen, many of whom make the pilgrimage for a private training session with Saenchai himself. BRAWLER will be premiering on March 16th so remember to set the date to see Saenchai and Shane in action at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. In the meantime, check out the Shane’s VLOG on his Thailand trip below. https://youtu.be/OHwzL7aKqM4  

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