YOKKAO Seminar USA Tour Kicks Off in New York

After 20 hours of flight travel, the YOKKAO Seminar team officially arrived at New York’s JFK international airport on 29 August. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, the team will travel in an RV as they visit 20 gyms across the US in cities including New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and many others. 

Each seminar, headlined by Saenchai, offers participants to learn the many signature techniques from the Muay Thai living legend first-hand. There will also be opportunities to spar with Saenchai and the seminar team members like Spencer and Yodchai. 

After a brief tour of the city, the tour kicked off on 30 August in New York at the Striking 101 to a full house crowd. The team will next head to New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania over the long weekend. 

We received an overwhelming response from fans and gyms in the country since the seminar tour was first announced in June. Tickets are selling fast at all the gyms with several venues already sold out. 

Ticketing and more details about the seminar can be found at www.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-seminar-saenchai-usa-tour-2019. Stay connected with YOKKAO over social media as we bring you updates and behind-the-scenes footage from the tour.

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