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Article: YOKKAO Signs Deal with SplitIt to Provide Installment Payments

YOKKAO Signs Deal with SplitIt to Provide Installment Payments

If you are in the EU or UK and looking to purchase YOKKAO products, you now have an additional payment option. After the agreement with Afterpay for the US market (4 free-interest installment payment), we have just signed a deal with SplitIt to provide interest-free installment payment to our online customers.

SplitIt is fast becoming a payment method of choice for savvy savers and spenders. It makes credit card payments for any purchase easier to manage with flexible pay-over-time options. SplitIt offers a safe payment service with no additional fees or interest so long as you pay on time. It is also simple to use as no separate or additional account setup is required.

SplitIt allows you to split your payment up to 6 installments to be repaid monthly over 6 months. Once you make a purchase using SplitIt and the order is confirmed, you will be charged only for the first payment. The full amount of the purchase will be held on your card but only as a temporary hold which will be released within 5 business days. 

This payment option is also available to gyms shopping for gear and equipment with interest-free installments up to 6 months. More details will be shared in the coming days.  

SplitIt is currently available for our customers in the EU and the UK using VISA or MasterCard credit cards. Simply shop online at and choose installments by SplitIt as your payment method when you check out. Shop now! 

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