Presenting The All-New YOKKAO Freedom CarbonFit Muay Thai Shorts!

A new product has just been unveiled and has arrived at the online store: presenting the all-new YOKKAO Freedom CarbonFit Muay Thai shorts! Freedom is the third CarbonFit model to be released this year and it has adopted the split design last seen on the recently-released “What’s Up” shorts. YOKKAO product design team has constantly pushed to come up with the most unique and stylish products, the results speak for itself. Freedom is unlike anything in the market. Nothing expresses the spirit of freedom as aptly as the iconic American road trip. Palm trees, jagged snow mountains, and long drives in the middle of nowhere. These elements are printed in graphic form on premium-quality polyester blend material, the perfect wear for roughing it out in the ring or the gym. CarbonFit shorts are cut and tailored to increase mobility and allow complete range of movement. The shorts are so fabulously comfortable they might just be the ideal apparel for the long drives on the highway. Freedom is not for everyone. The spirit of freedom lies not just in the courage to step in the ring; freedom lies in having the courage to be yourself and being fearless in the pursuit of one’s passion. Freedom is for the brave and the bold. - its complete essence captured in these YOKKAO CarbonFit Muay Thai shorts. Get the YOKKAO Freedom CarbonFit Shorts at

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