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Article: YOKKAO Launches Muay Thai Program to Rehabilitate Prisoners Across Thailand

YOKKAO Launches Muay Thai Program to Rehabilitate Prisoners Across Thailand

YOKKAO is extremely proud to kick off its rehabilitation program through Muay Thai for prisoners throughout Thailand. The program - YOKKAO Redemption -  is aimed at helping the rehabilitation and reformation of prisoners and also highlights the redemptive qualities of Muay Thai. The art might be known to many as a tough combat sport by many, but it can also serve as a platform for positive change. That is YOKKAO’s intent.

The program will kick off at Thungbenja prison in Chanthaburi and will extend to 10 more districts across Thailand. Prison inmates will have the opportunity to train in high-level Muay Thai while using YOKKAO’s world-class training gear and equipment. To top it all off, they will have that rare second chance to be reintegrated into society.

Such an undertaking will only be possible if several sectors band together to help one another. That is why Philip Villa, YOKKAO’s founder, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Ayuth Sintoppant, who is the Director General of the Department of Corrections as well as Mr. Thitinai Patigaboot, the Director of Thungbenja Prison, the Department of Corrections. He likewise recognized the various other prison officials and YOKKAO’s dedicated team, without whom this program will not even be made possible.

Villa further stated that the “inmates of Thungbenja Prison will be able to find hope, discipline, and redemption through an innovative rehabilitation program. Don’t miss this remarkable journey to reclaim their lives”. It is indeed a journey worth looking forward to and watching as it all unfolds, not just in one but ten different districts all over Thailand.

This effort underscores one of the aims of YOKKAO to showcase the many facets of Muay Thai. And one of them is the art’s transformative power. An aspect that inmates and even ordinary citizens can use to improve themselves and become much better members of society. Muay Thai as a means of facilitating one’s road to redemption is real and YOKKAO is here to open up that path.

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