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Article: Qualities of A Good Muay Thai Gym

Qualities of A Good Muay Thai Gym

As fight sports get more popular, finding a gym to train martial arts is getting easier year after year. Martial artists are spoilt for choices especially for those living in cities. Muay Thai is widely-acknowledged as one of the most effective stand-up striking arts, leading to the mushrooming of Thai boxing gyms around the world. With so many gyms comes the issue of varying quality and training style.

People train in the art of 8 limbs for various reasons too. Some do it for fitness, while some do it to compete. Choosing a good Muay Thai gym will depend on the individual’s training objective and so it goes that the qualities of a good gym varies accordingly too. Whether it’s back at home or in Thailand, here are some indicators to look out for when searching for the right Muay Thai gym:

Good Trainers
Good trainers are truly what make a good gym. Trainers are the first-line experience for everyone training at a gym. Look out for dedicated, passionate and instructive trainers. It doesn’t matter if they have great fighting experience or championship belts to their name. A good trainer is one who can bring out the best in all his students.

Accomplished Fighters
If a gym doesn’t have its own fight team, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good gym but it certainly isn’t a gym for those looking to compete. All fight gyms give a lot of focus to their fighters and so the competition results give a good indication on the effectiveness of the gym’s training. When a gym houses at least a few world champions, it has to be worth something.

Authentic training
Training programs at a gym vary according to its focus. For those looking to just get a good fitness workout, it doesn’t matter if the training is authentic or not. But for those hoping to compete, or fans of the sport who wish to experience the sport in its truest form, then it is an important quality to consider. Authentic training focuses on techniques, stamina, and various aspects of preparing a fighter for the ring.

Hygiene, and the state of equipment are factors to consider too. In some parts of Thailand, training conditions can be far from sanitary despite churning out top fighters. Training in gyms with poor hygiene conditions can lead to all sorts of problems like skin infections. Poorly maintained equipment is also something to watch for as they can cause scraping on the skin.

The tips given above offer a rough guide to identifying the quality of a Muay Thai gym. It will also help to read online reviews prior to going to a gym but nothing beats training at the gym to get a feel before committing to it long-term.

YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

For those planning to take a trip to train Muay Thai in its country of origin, YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is a gym that can be counted on. The camp offers authentic Muay Thai training in a pleasant environment with its top-grade inhouse equipment, all under the instruction of champion trainers. Visitors not only get to train alongside world-famous Muay Thai fighters like Saenchai, Singdam, and Manachai but also the chance to learn Muay Thai directly from them in private sessions. Book your training at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok now!

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