Road to Yokkao Is On! Chalawan and Saksri Make Weight After Minor Issue

The inaugural Road to Yokkao event in Bangkok is on after Chalawan and Saksri both made weight after a minor scare. It added a bit of drama to the already exciting event in which the Yokkao National Flyweight Title is on the line for the first time ever.

Chalawan is headlining the card in his attempt at the title. However, he missed the flyweight limit on his first try, weighing at 1.5 pounds over the supposed fight weight. It was a bit much and also unexpected, but after a few rounds of jogging and getting rubbed down, he finally made weight.

Saksri, on the other hand, was a different case. While he also missed weight, he did so by only a little bit, going over by a mere o.7 pounds. The difference was that he had to try a couple more times before he finally made it. 

The rest of the fighters were all on point with their weights, ensuring the whole card will push through. It is a significant event in its own right - being the first Road to Yokkao event in Thailand. The minor weight issues added a bit of spice to make things more interesting.



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