YOKKAO is the Most Competitive Muay Thai Brand Made in Thailand!

After two years since the opening of the new branch factory in Samut Prakan that specializes in product R&D, YOKKAO Boxing gear is growing in demand by the day. It’s no surprise that sales have been peaking month after month. The contemporary fight brand now offers the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Handmade in Thailand by professional craftworkers, YOKKAO gear is unrivaled in terms of quality and design.


In the last two years, the YOKKAO R&D Team designed and developed an exclusive premium quality leather through the collaboration with one of the best tanneries in Thailand. The premium leather is used in YOKKAO’s wide range of boxing gloves and protective gear. Regarding Muay Thai shorts, YOKKAO came out with an outstanding innovation by printing eye-catching designs. Taking inspiration from the Carbon shorts, which have been imitated -but unsurpassed- by most of all its competitors, YOKKAO developed a new concept: the CarbonFit shorts, made with a comfortable and high quality polyester material. That's not all. For the first time in Muay Thai product history, the shorts also come with matching boxing gloves, resulting in a complete and stylish look. Frost, Ronin, Sick, Inferno and Cube are the first collections to be released, which have generated a lot of excitement and rave reviews throughout the Muay Thai Community. With high demand, high quality and competitive price offered, combat gear distributors from all around the world are coming to Thailand to discuss the distribution of YOKKAO in their countries. The increasing demand coupled with extensive world distribution now places YOKKAO as the most competitive Muay Thai brand handmade in Thailand. For Shop and Gyms interested in buying YOKKAO at wholesale price for distribution in your country, feel free to register at www.yokkao.com/wholesale or e-mail sales@yokkao.com to receive the new wholesale price list.

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