Breaking: Liam Harrison set to fight Fabio Pinca for YOKKAO 19!

Breaking News: the YOKKAO World Champion -65kg Liam Harrison will fight against Fabio Pinca at [caption id="attachment_2407" align="alignright" width="200"]YOKKAO World Champion -65kg Liam Harrison YOKKAO World Champion -65kg Liam Harrison[/caption] YOKKAO 19, October 8th at the Macron Stadium in the UK. The fight requested by Muay Thai lovers from all around the world has been exclusively secured by YOKKAO Key person Stefania Picelli and YOKKAO UK promoter Brian Calder. For the occasion, Liam Harrison accepted to fight at 66,5kg (1,5kg over his usual fighting weight) as requested by Fabio Pinca. Together with the biggest domestic fight of UK headed by Watson vs McAllister set for YOKKAO 20, October 8th will deliver one more time the most anticipated Muay Thai night with 2 events in one night: YOKKAO 19 and YOKKAO 20 for the price of only 1 ticket. Tickets are available at (VIP SOLD OUT)

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