YOKKAO breaks into MBK with YOKKAO Next Generation!

The first stage of MBK Fight Night presents YOKKAO Next Generation in Thailand took place Wednesday, March 9th to an overpacked night filled with throngs of cheering fans from the ground all the way up to the elevated floor of the Sky Train. [caption id="attachment_2262" align="alignright" width="400"]Muay Thai Bangkok: MBK presents YOKKAO Next Generation Muay Thai Bangkok: MBK presents YOKKAO Next Generation[/caption] The Next Generation Fighters from Norway, Japan and Singapore came to challenge the next generation fighters from Thailand in superb matchup to a stellar atmoshpere. Fans got the chance to not only watch for FREE Muay Thai fights but also to buy the latest YOKKAO Products and take photos with the best Muay Thai fighters of the moment from the new YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center Bangkok: Saenchai, Singdam, Jordan Watson, Manachai, Pachphaitoon, Fah, Kru Manop and Petchdam. ABOUT YOKKAO NEXT GENERATION YOKKAO Next Generation is the new global initiative with events designed for a broad spectrum of fighters in order to discover talents from the new generation. The best of whom would then be granted access to participate in official YOKKAO Events, the most followed Muay Thai events in the world allowing for unprecedented exposure to the participants. [caption id="attachment_2265" align="alignright" width="400"]Singdam at the YOKKAO MBK Shop Singdam at the YOKKAO MBK Shop[/caption] MBK Fight Night presents YOKKAO Next Generation will be held at MBK Shopping Mall from 6:00pm: 17th March 2016 22nd March 2016 23rd March 2016 30th March 2016 During these dates, YOKKAO fans will have the chance to buy the latest YOKKAO products at the YOKKAO stall with a discounted price. Entrance to these events is free with possibility to book FREE VIP seats by e-mailing us. Fighters who want to fight at the upcoming YOKKAO Next Generation events in Thailand, feel free to contact us trainingcenter@yokkao.com

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