UK loses a great Muay Thai Trainer

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of a great coach and former fighter, Liam Robinson, from Superpetch gym in England. Liam was the current trainer of the fantastic and new hopeful, Daniel McGowan, who was featured on the YOKKAO 8 card in Bolton Arena along with Panicos Yusuf. The both of them had brilliant performances. [caption id="attachment_223" align="alignright" width="280"]Liam Robinson Liam Robinson[/caption] Robinson seemed to have a glittering career ahead of him as a coach, until an untimely passing cut his life and career short. Yokkao Promoters Stefania Picelli and Brian Calder stated: "We at Yokkao would like to offer our deepest sympathy to his dear wife Pardeep and his parents and family and we will never forget what an impact he made on the sport we hold so dear. Rest in peace and we hope this and future shows you will watch with your blessing from above." All of those who knew Robinson have dealt with his loss in their own ways. Liam's friend, Dean James, and Liam's fighter, Panicos Yusuf, both had to take some time off from training and decided not to participate in their fights. While Daniel McGowan, decided to keep his own word, demonstrating to the entire world the Real Fighting Spirit. For McGowan Yokkao will be a chance to honor his late coach. Here is what he wrote on Facebook: "After a long think over the last 24 hours or so I've decided that I'll be fighting next Saturday on Yokkao still I'll be bringing my A game! One last win in the UK before I go to Thailand. I've went with my heart on this and going to do it in memory of my trainer Liam Robinson. I promise I'll be fighting with the biggest amount of pride ever! Let's do this!" Due to the pull-outs of Dean James and Panicos Yusuf, there wasn't enough time to secure an opponent for Karim Bennoui. Karim Bennoui's appearance will be guaranteed on one of the next Yokkao event. Below the updated fight cards: Supershowdown presents YOKKAO 11 Muay Thai Full Rules 5x3 (1) GREG WOOTTON vs PAKORN 63.5KGS YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -65KG (2) BRAD STANTON vs CRICE BOUSSOUKOU 68KGS (3) DAN MCGOWAN vs NESTOR RODRIGUEZ 54KGS (4) SAM JACKSON vs LUCA FONDA 70KGS (5) CHRIS WHITTLE vs DARREN MCFALL 61.5KGS (6) JOSH TURBILL vs TOMMI MCCORMICK 68KGS (7) MYK ESTLICK vs KIERON JESSOP 63.5KGS Supershowdown presents YOKKAO 10 Muay Thai Full Rules 5x3 (1) JORDAN WATSON vs MICKAEL PISCITELLO 70KGS YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -70KG (2) TIM THOMAS vs SABRI SADOUKI 65KGS (3) STE LONG vs SALAH KHALIFA 68KGS (4) PRATHET vs BRIAN TOTTY 66KGS (5) CATHAL MCDERMOTT vs STE FOY 61KGS (6) JORDAN WILLIAMS vs LIAM MCGRANDLES 62KGS (7) KAI LAITHWAITE V SAMMY BARUCA 51KGS -------------------- PRE-EVENT (1) Leif Taggart vs Shane Faquarson 60KGS (2) Lauren Huxley vs Megan Hooper 62KGS (3) Dakota Ditcheva vs Leigh Newton 48KGS (4) Luke Riley vs Evans Jays 42kg Junior -------------------------------- JUNIOR (1) 9yrs Lucas Thomas 9yrs 27kg 20f 20w v Jack Walker 5 x1 mins (2) 13yrs Stuart Stabler 53kg 23F 1Loss v Leeroy Decruz 5 x 1min

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